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Creating Anchors

1. log in to admin, http://www.santabarbaradiaperfairy.com/admin
2. CLICK ON, "Pages"

3. Go to the page you wish to create the anchor.  For exmaple, http://www.santabarbaradiaperfairy.com/educational-videos

4. Add the index titles.
#1 In the "body" enter the index tiles were you would like them to appear on the page.  Most likely at the top under the title of the page.  Once you have entered them all,  with your cursor, highlight the index titles.
#2 CLICK ON, "Bullets" icon.  Your titles will automatically indent with bullets attached.  There are other symbols to choose from if you click on the dropdown menu.

5. You can also SEO Optimize the title categories by highlighting them and applying an Heading 2 or Heading 3 Format.  This will enlarge the font and most likely change the color.  To do this, CLICK ON, "Formats" then "Headers" then "Header 2 or 3".

6.  Now it's time to add the anchor.  Place the cursor where you would like the anchor to go.  Meaning, when you click on the index title, where do you want the viewer to end up.  If it's the "Newspaper Fold" video, then place the cursor there.  Usually before the index title of after.  CLICK ON, "Insert" then, "Anchor". 

7. Once you've chosen "anchor", we need to give it a name.  The name will become our link for the index title.
  #1 Add name - example: "newspaper-fold".  Do not leave any spaces in the title.
  #2 CLICK ON, "Ok".  An anchor icon will appear on the "Body" of the page where you  placed your cursor.

8.  Now, let's link the index title to the anchor.
   #1 Highlight the index title that you want to link the anchor to.  In this instance it is, "Newspaper Fold"
   #2 CLICK ON, "Link" icon

9. Insert Link.  
   #1 Add the name of the anchor you just added, "newspaper-fold"
   #2 CLICK ON, "Ok"

10. Your anchor is now complete.  But, don't forget the most important thing when you are done, CLICK ON, "Save page".

Let me know if there is anything else you need.

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