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Manage and Edit People

1.) Add People

Below is a list of required information needed to create a new user on your website.

You must assign a role for the user you are creating. This determines the amount of access a user has when logged into your website. You can create Admin users with full access all the way to creating Member users with specific access to designated areas and everything in between.

2.) Delete People

Click the "Trash Can" icon to delete a specific user

3.) Group People

3a.) Create a new group

Click "Create a new group" link

3b.) Create a new group

FIll out the required information and select if this is a public or private collection of website users. Click "Save group" to finish.

5.) Manage existing groups

You can manage groups that have been created by clicking the name to edit or clicking the trashcan icon to delete the selected group.

6.) Export People

  1. Select your export Group.  If you don't select an export group, you can download ALL people in your website
  2. Click the SEARCH button to find and display your export group.
  3. Click the EXPORT link to download your export group
  4. Wait for the download .csv file


  1. The export will not include any Groups your people have been assigned to.  To know which person is in what group, you need to export your selected group.  See step #1 above.

People Groups: 

Each person you import can be in one or more Groups.  Every SiteNinja website comes with six (6) default Groups.

  1. Admin (can edit all content in your website)
  2. Author (can make their own articles live in the blog)
  3. Editor (can make any Author's articles live in the blog)
  4. Contributor (can post articles but cannot make them live. Must be approved by Admin or Editor)
  5. Moderator (cannot post articles.  Can only edit comments posted to articles)
  6. Member (requires each person to have a Username and Password, to log into private pages of the site.  This is a separate module that can be purchased.  This module is also known as Private Pages)

If you add additional People Groups to your site, each Group will have a number.  You will see the Number in the URL of the edit page for that group.  For example, if the 1st Group you create is titled "Newsletter," then "Newsletter" would have a GroupID of 7.  The next GroupID would be 8, and so on.

The GroupID column, in your .csv file, will take a comma-separated list of GroupIDs. If a person should be added to the admin and newsletter groups and those groups have ids of 1 and 7 respectively, that GroupID column should have a value of 1,7. If you wish to give the person login credentials, simply fill in the Login and Password fields with the desired login and password. If not, just leave those fields blank.

Common Reasons Import Files Fail:

  1. Misspelling of the Group field titles
  2. Missing Email Field - this is by far the most common error. PLEASE make sure that every row in your .csv file contains an Email address.  SiteNinja cannot import People that do not have an Email address.
  3. Merged Fields - If you submit an Excel file, there is a possibility that 2 or more cells have been merged together.  When we save the files as a .csv file, merged fields will cause the export data to be corrupt. Another reason causing Merged Fields is, if your original data has commas, apostrophes or quotes in the original content, when you try to create your .csv file, these characters will sometimes cause merged fields.  This is why you need to review every row in your .csv file before submitting. 
  4. Information in Incorrect Fields - Please make a manual inspection of all your people in the .csv file before you submit your file.  It is very common for people to submit files where the Email address is in the phone field, or the LastName is in the FirstName field.  Inspect every record to make sure content is in the correct field.
  5. Extra Fields from other Applications - Most of you have a list of people you want to import in some other application, like Outlook, ACT, Google, etc.  You will most likely export from those applications to create your .csv file.  When you do this there will be fields in those application that are not in the Import Fields listed above.  You will need to remove any fields that are not SiteNija fields, and rename the fields to match the titles above.  For example, when you export from Outlook, the first name field may be titled "First Name". You need to rename this to "FirstName".
  6. Exporting from Multiple Applications - If you export your people list from 2 or more other applications, please merge all people contacts into one .csv file.  Do not submit 2 files for import. If SiteNinja staff need to fix 2 files, the cost of your import will increase.  Remember, SiteNinja staff do not want to ever charge you for extra work unless absolutely necessary. 

Re-Importing People:

  1. .CSV files can be imported multiple times.  For example, if you submit a file for import, and you have errors in your file, you can resubmit your file.
  2. If you decide you want people, currently in your site, to be assigned one or more Groups, you can import those people again, with values in the GroupID field.  You will also need to give them a Username and Password if you want them to have login rights.
  3. Overwriting Data - When you re-import People, whatever information you have in the fields you are importing will overwrite the current value of information for that contact.  For example, if the person's phone number has changed, you could include the Phone field in your import file.  The only field you cannot replace is the Email field.  The Email field is used as the unique identifier for the person.  If you try to change the Email address, SiteNinja will create a new Person, and the old Person, and old Email, will still be in your People list.

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