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Site Map

Welcome to Site-Ninja Support! Below is a clickable map of our tutorials. These tutorials will take you step-by-step through the various functions you can perform as an administrator on your website.

  • What do you want to know how to do? Look for the page/link that most closely resembles your question, click on it and learn from our tutorial. If you still have questions, check out related pages.

  • Still can’t make the changes you want? Please e-mail our Customer Support Team at [email protected] or contact us at  support.ameravant.com. We would love to help you!



  1. Home Page

  2. Admin Menu:

    1. Initial Setup

    2. Your Admin Dashboard

    3. Your Admin Toolbar

    4. Login Information

      1. What is my Website Login

      2. Billing and Support Login

      3. What is my Registrar Login

      4. Google Analytics Login

      5. What is my Email Login

    5. Applications:

      1. Transferring Your Domain

      2. Google Apps Settings:

        1. Gmail DNS Settings

    6. SEO Support:

      1. Keyword Research Tools

      2. What is SEO?

      3. What is Google Analytics

      4. What are Redirects?

    7. Edit my Site-Wide Settings

    8. Edit my Contact Settings

    9. Manage and Edit People

  3. Content Menu:

    1. Sitemap (you are here now!)
    2. Pages vs Blog

    3. Create Pages

      1. How to Add a Page

      2. How to Format Pages

      3. Page Creation Tool Tips

      4. Private Pages 

    4. Blog Posts

      1. Adding Articles

      2. Add Maps to Articles

      3. Add Images to Articles

      4. Attaching PDF Files to Articles

      5. Add Images to Article Blurbs

      6. Moderate Article Comments

    5. Add Media

      1. Adding Buttons

      2. Attaching PDF Files to Pages

      3. Adding Images

      4. Adding Videos

      5. Adding Maps

      6. Link Text and Photos

      7. Creating Anchor Links

      8. What is the Slideshow

    6. Add Galleries

      1. Adding Image Galleries

      2. Adding Video Galleries

    7. Adding Blog Categories

    8. How to Add Events

    9. Manage Navigation Menus

      1. Edit Main Navigation

      2. Edit Footer Navigation

    10. Manage Directory (Resources/Links) System

  4. Design Menu:

    1. Homepage Settings

    2. Homepage Featured Content

    3. Edit Slideshow Settings

  5. Useful Articles from Blog 

    1. Reviewing Your Website: Top 10 Tips For Search Engine Optimization "SEO"

    2. Adding a Shopping Cart to Your Website

    3. How to create a pop-up lightbox window

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