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Transferring your Domain from another Registrar to Godaddy.com

  1. Do you currently have a godaddy.com account?  If not, you can create a free account.
  2. Log into your network solutions account and Unlock the domain and request the AUTH code be sent to you
  3. You will receive an Email from network solutions with your ATHU code
  4. Log into your godaddy account and request a transfer.
  5. You will receive an Email from godaddy with a Security code and Transfer code.  This could take a couple of hours to receive the email
  6. In Godaddy go to your Pending Transfers
  7. Select your Domain
  8. Enter the AUTH code, Security code and Transfer code
  9. Wait for a couple of hours
  10. You will receive an Email from network solutions say "Please don't leave us"  Click the link that say to disapprove the transfer.  This will open your browser and give you the option to Approve or Disapprove.  You know the right action to take ;-)
  11. Transfer should be within 24 hours.  If you don't do step 10, transfer will automatically happen in 7 days.

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