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How to Add Buttons to your Website

You can choose any image you like and link it to another page.  If you would like to find an "Order Now" button, we recommend looking through Google's search engine and finding one that works color-wise and design-wise with your site, like this one:

Now let's upload it to the page and link it to your jot form, which is how you have it now.

1. Go to the admin section of the site and login
2. Go to, "Pages"

3. CLICK ON "the page you wish to add he button to"  We will use "Service" as an example.

If you have a current "Order Now" button, do not delete it yet. We want the link info associated with it.   We will place the new button above the current one.

4. Place the cursor above the old button

Now, with Site Ninja, there are two ways to upload images.  One, is to attach it. (Above picture, right side column "Attached Image")  This only gives you the option of three sizes, medium, large and original. If want to play a little more with the size of the button or link the image, which is what we need to do, upload it as an asset.

5. CLICK ON, "Asset"

6. Upload your Asset
#1 Enter title of asset, "Order Now Button"
#3 CLICK ON, "Choose File"  From here you will upload your "Order Now" button from your computer files, wherever the file is located.  The asset automatically uploads once you have chosen it.

7. Now we need to track the file down.  If you have several pages of assets, you can always find the one you want by, "Search"
#1 Enter title of file
#2 CLICK ON, "Search"

8. Now that we have our asset, we can upload it on pages.  To do that, you need the URL or "Path".  This long string is simply an address where the image resides.  COPY the entire URL and "X" (upper right hand corner)out of Assets. 

9. You should be back on the "Edit Page".  
#1 Place your cursor above the old "Order Now" button.
#2 CLICK ON, the image icon

10. Apply the image
#1 Paste the URL you just copied from assets
#2 CLICK ON, "Ok"

11. Your image will appear in the "Body".  When it is highlighted there will be adjustment boxes so you can size it by pulling the boxes inward or out.  Only adjust from the corners so you keep the button in proportion. 

If you already have a button, you can find the link by highlighting the old "Order Now" button, CLICKING ON the link icon and copying the entire URL. 

12. Now let's add the link.  
#1 Highlight you new "Order Now" button.
#2 CLICK ON, the link icon

13. Add your link
#1 Enter the link
#2 CLICK ON, "Ok"

14.  You now have your new button with a link.  Delete the old one. 

15. There's one last very important thing you must do or all your work will not take.  Don't forget to "Save page"

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